ministry fair information

this information will help you make a decision about whether or not to serve in a particular church ministry. please read through each section and prayerfully consider where you may like to serve.

Each ministry is listed below with a short description of what the ministry is and what the current needs are. We are listing who is currently serving in the ministry as well as current needs we have.

audio/visual ministry

sundays in the sound booth

PurposeFacilitate opportunities for our church family to corporately declare the supremacy of Christ and our dependence on the Triune God through helping with sound and slides.

Opportunities to serve1. Get trained on how to run the sound board 2. Get trained on how to set up and run the slides for the projector

Frequency of serviceCommit to one Sunday a month for sound and/or slides

What we needWe need 4 additional people to each serve once a month for sound and/or slides. Training will be provided.

Currently serving1. Nathan Peterson (sound and slides) 2. Lacey Staples (sound and slides) 3. Alanna DuBose (sound and slides) 4. Bryan Cabading (sound and slides)


as needed by request

Purpose: Help take care of providing meals, flowers, or other practical service for those who are experiencing difficulties or death of a loved one. They would also help meet benevolence needs as they arise such as distributing funds to people in need.

Opportunities to serve: Be available to respond when a need arises

Frequency of service: As needed

What we need: We need 4 people who can be available to help and/or make a decision about benevolence funds

Currently serving: Rachel Feist & Sharon Hillier

children's church

sundays after worship in the grace house

PurposeChildren’s Ministry at ABC is to equip our children to know Truth, to think with a Biblical mindset, to do the right things, and to feel the joy of right choices and of pleasing God. We strive to introduce and lead our children to the Savior and come to know him as He is: Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King.

Opportunities to serve: 1 CC Coordinator, 1 Assistant CC Coordinator, 5 teachers, 5-10 helpers; Coordinator: Select the curriculum for the CC ministry, annually. Recruit teacher volunteers and additional volunteers as helpers for CC. Prepare a quarterly schedule including teachers, volunteer helpers, and curriculum lessons. Train volunteers to do their role successfully. Manage the supplies for CC; prepare work-day activities or lists for volunteers to help 1-2 times yearly. Submit supplies list to church secretary for purchases (as needed). Teachers: Be familiar with the current curriculum and be able to access content online. Prepare for the lesson and its various parts including missions segment. Prepare an activity for children and the supplies needed. Arrive 10 minutes early to set up computer and activity area. Clean up the CC area and supplies before leaving.

Frequency of service: Coordinator: 15 hours quarterly for responsibilities listed.

Teachers: Preparation time 1-2 hours mid-week. 1 Sunday for CC monthly 1 ½ hrs.

What we need: 1 Teacher, 1 Quarterly teacher, 1 substitute teacher

Currently serving: Sandy Allen- Children's Ministry Coordinator; Sandy Allen - Teacher; Paula Groberg - Teacher; Christy Allen - Teacher

coffee & communion

sundays before & after service

Purpose: To help facilitate fellowship & worship for the church by preparing coffee & communion before service and cleaning up coffee & communion after service

Opportunities to serve: 1. Make and clean-up coffee  2. Prepare and clean up communion

Frequency of service: Ideally, it would be great to have 8 people on a monthly rotational basis: 1 each week for communion and 1 each week for coffee

What we need: Ideally, we would have 4 pairs of people who would serve together on Sundays. 1 person for coffee once/month and 1 person for communion 1/month would cover 4 Sundays each month. Currently, every fifth Sunday is covered.

Currently serving: John & Rachel Feist; Connie Byington; Christie Wooten; Cindy Thomas; Mary & Viandra Brooks (Fifth Sunday)

Community outreach

planning & helping with opportunities as needed

Purpose: Expand the reach of our congregation to people beyond our members and adherents. To communicate the love and truth of Jesus and His Gospel to our neighbors and local community (Baytown and surrounding cities within East Harris, Chambers, and Dayton counties). Coordinate participation with other Christian congregations in their community events.

Opportunities to serve: 3 Leaders to plan & lead. As many Team Members

who wish to participate. Leaders: 1. Meet regularly with Community Outreach Shepherding Elder to develop outreach ideas, plan, schedule, communicate and enlist participants in outreach events; including whole church events, such as: * Community Picnics / Festivals * Movie Nights * Prayer Walks / Events * Others

2. Meet and work with counterparts in other Christian congregations or ministries to jointly participate and assist in community events.



Participate in, support, and execute the various outreach events

Frequency of service: Leaders: Meet at Least Monthly to plan & coordinate. Lead and/or assist in at least 1 event every 3 months.



As often as willing and possible

What we need: 3 Outreach Team Leaders. Team Members to be determined by the Leaders, depending upon the Event being planned.

Currently serving: 3 OPEN Team Leader positions. Team Members to be enlisted on an event by event basis.


sunday before & after service

PurposeTo help greet people when they come to church and to help clean up and lock up after service

Opportunities to serve1. Arrive to church early to greet people as they arrive  2. Stay after church and help clean up the gym and lock up when people leave (sweeping, taking out trash, turning off lights, locking the doors)

Frequency of serviceCommit to either one Sunday a month (if 4 people) or every other month (if 8 people)

What we needIf we had 8 people who can serve on a monthly rotational basis each person would only have to serve once/every other month

Currently serving: Jeremy Roach (Greeting); Bryan Allen; Nathan Peterson; John Feist; Rodrigo DeLuna; Lynn Davis (clean up/lock-up)


helping with missions emphases and events as needed

Purpose: To support the International and Regional Missionary efforts of the Christian and Missionary Alliance and the Southwest District. Communicate plans, events, results, and needs to the ABC Pastor and Congregation.

Opportunities to serve: 1 Missions Mobilizer (or MM) - currently filled by Sandy Allen; 1 Assistant MM (in training and in backup to the MM). Communicate with District Superintendent and Regional CM&A pastors and MMs and pass on relevant information to the ABC Pastor. Attend CM&A Missions meetings and represent ABC. Working with the Missions Shepherding Elder, make brief monthly presentations to the ABC Congregation.

Frequency of service: At least monthly, as the need arises

What we need: 1 Missions Mobilizer; 1 Assisting Missions Mobilizer

Currently serving: Missions Mobilizer: Sandy Allen; Assistant MM: OPEN


sundays in the nursery

Purpose: The nursery program is designed so that our nursery workers keep our children safe and love them well in a pleasant environment. The children will learn primary Biblical truths and principles to cultivate their hearts to seek God and to practice good relationship behaviors appropriate for their age.

Opportunities to serve: 8-10 adult volunteers required; 4-5 teams of 2 each; 4-5 qualified helpers are also welcomed (ages 9+ with good character and teachable). Arrive at 10:15; welcome children and direct them to play area; write contact information of parents. Keep each child’s personal items in their bags. Follow the weekly schedule or routines for our nursery, as posted. Follow routines of cleaning the nursery area as posted. Contact Nursery Coordinator if any problems arise.

Frequency of service: Each team of 2 volunteers will serve 1 Sunday per month; 1 additional team to serve 1 Sunday every quarter

What we need: 2 Substitute Nursery workers; 2 substitute helpers

Currently serving: Betty Purdin - Nursery Coordinator John & Betty Purdin - Team 1 Bryan & Christy Allen - Team 2 John & Betty Feist - Team 3 Rachel Duncan- Tean 4 Michelle Duncan - Team 5 Nursery helpers: Haley Hurd, Alexa Hurd, Elie Allen, Isabelle Dubose, Ari Hurd

sunday school

sundays at 9:00 in the grace house

Purpose: To teach, instruct, and train people in the Word of God so that they may be adequate and equipped for every good work. (2 Tim. 3:16-17)

Also, that they may learn how to accurately handle the Word of Truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

Opportunities to serve: Currently, 1 teacher for each class. (At this time only one class is offered.) Ideally, 2-3 teachers offering two or more classes on different subjects with classes utilizing different styles of presentation or methods of learning. (Examples: Expository teaching; topical studies; book/video discussion group study, etc.) Teachers: Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance and leadership for personal spiritual preparation prior to teaching class. Arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure classroom arrangements and resources are adequate and available. Set the example to open and close in prayer.

Prior to starting a new class, discuss with your Shepherding Elder the teaching materials and topic/subject matter to be presented or used in your class.

Frequency of serviceCurrently, only 1 Sunday morning Adult Class is being offered. The class is every Sunday morning starting at 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM in the Grace house conference room. There are two additional rooms available in Grace House for future classes.

What we need: Teacher/Facilitator - offering an additional subject matter

Currently serving: Bill Allen - Teacher; David Truncale - Teacher

women's ministry

tuesday mornings in the grace house, home groups, 

& zoom bible studies

Purpose: Ephesians 4:12-16 for the equipping of the saints

Opportunities to serve: 2 or 3 would be nice. The need really depends on the plans for growth and development. If we can expand the study opportunities, more people will be needed. to select the topic and lead the study. (Depending on the material selected, it may be simply running AV equipment and leading the discussion, OR there may be more preparation required if the study selected has little outside instruction.) Historically, the office manager has established refreshment schedules and found/and paid nursery workers.

Frequency of service: We currently offer a Tuesday morning Bible study and the Tuesday afternoon zoom study. (In years past, we have offered evening studies at the church for women who were unable to attend a morning study. Each time, only one or two would participate.)

This fall, Laura Kovalcik is leading a Women's Bible study in her home on Wednesday evenings.

The Tuesday morning study meets weekly for about 2 hours (9:00am - 11:00am) in Grace House for several studies each year. Zoom meets weekly on Tuesdays at 2:00-4:00PM online.

What we need: 1 or 2 more teachers/facilitators

Currently serving: Mary Snellings: Teacher/Facilitator


sunday mornings

Purpose: Facilitate opportunities for our church family to corporately declare the supremacy of Christ and our dependence on the Triune God through music, scripture readings and prayer. 

Opportunities to serveMusicians and vocalists needed

Frequency of service: Ideally you would be able to commit to play/sing twice a month. 

What we need: We need musicians and/or vocalists who can commit to play/sing once or twice a month

Currently serving: Nathan Peterson (leading and multiple instruments), Justin DuBose (leading and multiple instruments), Sharon Hillier (drums), Lanae DuBose (vocals), Toya Washington (vocals), Kelley Savage (vocals)


wednesdays at 6 PM and relationship building

Purpose: 1. Facilitate weekly opportunities for middle school and high school students to play together, pray together, discuss scripture together, and share their lives with one another. 2. Build relationships with students through consistent presence

Opportunities to serve: 1. Hang out with students on Wednesday nights from 6-8PM to build relationships by playing games (board games, card games, basketball, volleyball, etc) 2. Snack duty on Wednesday nights from 6-8PM. We could use help purchasing snacks, setting up snacks, serving and clean up. 3. Help facilitate the scripture discussion time during Wednesday nights

Frequency of service: Consistency is very important when it comes to building relationships with teenagers. We ask that you commit to be present at least one Wednesday night a month. You can help with one or more of the opportunities to serve each time you are present.  

What we need: -At least one adult to hang out with students at least one Wednesday night a month from 6-8PM to build relationships by playing games (board games, card games, basketball, volleyball, etc) -At least one adult to help with snacks at least one Wednesday night a month -At least one adult to help facilitate the scripture discussion time at least one Wednesday night a month

Currently serving: -Henry and Shaunna Bernshausen lead all activities every Wednesday night unless they are out of town. -Javonna Roach leads the youth on Wednesday nights when Henry and Shaunna are out of town.