ABC youth

We don't have a fancy name for our gathering.  No lasers.  No fog machine.  But we do more often than not have doughnuts left over from Sunday morning.  We also have a small group of students who genuinely like one another and want to get together to play, sing, study Scripture and discuss thoughtful questions about God and life.  And we have a group of adult volunteers who love Jesus and love teenagers.

We have a basic philosophy of keeping things simple and being Christ-centered.  We desire for our students to take ownership of their faith.  This is done through authentic study and discussion of Scripture along with habits and practices that reinforce our communion with God.  Some examples of these practices that we incorporate are daily devotions, journaling, silence, simplicity, celebration, worship, the arts, fasting, and serving.

Periodically we have the opportunity for special events such as concerts, weekend conferences, summer camps, mission trips, etc.  We also like to get outside of the church building and have get-togethers in homes.

If you have any questions about our student ministries please contact Henry here.